Friday, August 8, 2014

Take Off!

Yesterday was a very long day for me. I left my house at 9:42am on Wednesday for SeaTac. There I met 4 other girls going to Thailand and together we flew for 11 hours to South Korea! This flight was okay for the most part. I got a window seat which was great but the guy sitting next to me drank 7 beers (yes I was counting) and 2 cups of wine before passing out for many hours making it impossible to get to the lavatory! And he spilt some of his 6th can of beer on my backpack! Was not thrilled at that. But other than that I got to watch 3 great movies, play games, and eat some surprisingly good food!
Once we got to South Korea it was smooth sailing. We met the other 7 students going to Bangkok and I found out that 3 of them are in my rotary district! :) I also got some cool pins to put on my blazer! On this second flight I got the aisle seat and mostly slept and ate ice cream!
In Bangkok we had an adventure trying to find customs because all the signs where in Thai and no one knew how to read them. Eventually we found it and every one made it through quick and easy! My group looked a bit odd after getting our bags because there where 11 students in matching blazers with carts full of large suitcases. I quickly found my host sisters since they where waving a big sign with my picture and shouting my name! It was so great and then the pictures started. Pictures of me with my family, rotarians, other students, and some people I didn't know.
I eventually left with my family and was so tired I didn't event realize they were driving on the left! As soon as I got home they showed me to my room and I zonked out at 1am on Friday!

Me and my sisters Tong (left) and Ice (right). They gave me flowers and this thing that goes around my neck.

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