Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day/ the Queen's birthday. To celebrate we went to a place called the Challenger in Bangkok. It was basically a giant indoor farmers market with local and foreign things. We did a lot of shopping. Clothes, shoes, purses, and great food! Tong and I bought the same pants without knowing it until we got home! I also got to see some cool things like silkworms making silk and a woman making the clothes she was selling. While we were looking at food I was sampling things and didn't realize that I was dipping a cracker in jalapeƱo sauce! That was a very HOT surprise! But I also tried this great candy that was super sweet and yummy!
We also went to Grandmother's house to honor her by bowing to her and giving her special flowers.
Then when it got dark there was a fireworks show right outside the house! It was so beautiful! They do a great job of celebrating mothers here!
I can't wait to start school! Just have to wait for my uniform and then I can go!
I'm having a wonderful time in Thailand! :D

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