Sunday, August 3, 2014

Going Away Party

3 Days until I leave for Thailand!

Had a great time today hanging out and talking with my friends one more time before I leave on August 6th. I won't be seeing any of them for the next 11 months! I got to eat great all-American foods: pumpkin pie, chocolate chip cookies, potato chips, mac and cheese, Oreos, and mashed potatoes, mmmm! I have some amazing people in my life and I will miss them all so much! Thank you to everyone who came! :D

On another note, I've been talking with my first host family for the last week. I'm going to have twin host sisters the same age as me! And my host parents are crocodile farmers which I find super cool and a little scary. I hope I get to pet a crocodile! I just got my plane tickets as well; I'll be flying from Seattle to Seoul, South Korea where I'll meet up with most of the other exchange students from America going to Thailand and we'll fly together to Bangkok. I am so excited to get there and meet everyone!

I'll see everyone again when I get back and I want to know everything I missed!

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