Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Trading ↔ Spaces

I have finally switched to my second host family! Of course I will miss my first host family because they were super nice and helped me a ton but my new place is so cool! I am not actually living with my host parents but in a dorm like place across the street! My second host parents own a preschool and some of the staff live in little apartment things at the school and I have one all to myself! I've only been here 4 days but I love it already! I missed having my own bathroom! And I get to be way more independent here. I can go places around town or even to Bangkok by myself! (Yes, I am always careful and safe.) I get the perks of being an adult with freedom and space with the perks of being a kid because I have people to take care of me still!
The secretary of the school is like the mom of everyone here. She cooks us all dinner, takes me to school, and makes sure I have everything I need! She's basically my host mom. Then there's the teachers who live here and they're all very friendly! Even though the youngest teacher is 26 I can still talk with them and they keep me entertained! One of the teachers has a 2 year old son who won't come near me and waits until I leave a room before entering. It's so cute but I have made it my mission to make him like me!
Yesterday I went to Bangkok by myself for the first time to hang out with another RYE named Emily. For the most part it was amazing! Being the teen girls that we are, we started by shopping where I found a super cute dress! Next went to the Art and Culture museum and got a charcoal drawing together. Then we stopped by a beautiful park with tons of flowers and a lake with a fountain! From there we went to check out one of the temples in Bangkok but it was closed so we could only look at the outside (which was of course gorgeous). By that time we had done a lot of walking and felt that it was necessary to go get thai foot massages! Completely necessary! Our final stop was at a super tall hotel where we wanted to go to the top and look at the sky view but it was only for guests. It was a crazy day overall and so very very fun! We also took every type of transportation! Buses, the Sky Train, taxis, a tuk tuk, and numerous motorcycles!

Since everyone where I live is Buddist, there's no Christmas celebration. I was very sad to find out that there is school on Christmas! Of course I won't be going because they have midterms and I want to celebrate Christmas but all my friends will be busy studying! So Emily and I made plans to go to a Christmas dinner with a bunch of other foreigners in Bangkok and spend the night at her house! Hopefully it will be great!
It's so hard to believe that Christmas is already here! Before I know it I'm going to be scheduling my flight home and I am nowhere near ready for that! I swear I just got here! So many things are happening and I just want to do it all!

In case I don't post until after Christmas, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!   I love you all!

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