Monday, July 6, 2015

Things that make you go "hmm"

Well, I've now been home for 18 days and it's good to be back! I've been enjoying the familiar people and food and language. I've been told that my english hasn't been perfect but I'm working on it!
This will probably be my last post so I thought I'd share some of the strange or funny things I saw, heard, or was asked.
Things that made me go hmm:

* A man walking around in just his underwear
I think it was my second week there when we were driving to the store and I saw a man, in nothing but underwear, walking down the street. No one gave him a second look besides me.

* Have you ever seen a banana?
Yes, I had seen a banana before. I let them know that they were quite common in America.

* Washington DC is in Washington State, right?
NOOOOO! I was asked this question so many times! Some people even asked me multiple times!

* 'I have wind out my ass'
My music teacher didn't speak any english but every week he learned a new sentence and would tell me as soon as I came into class. I guess the person teaching him these phrases decided to mess with him. I laughed for a good while before I caught me breath enough to explain to my confused teacher why I was laughing!

* Do you want to buy an otter?
I had just switched host family and we were going grocery shopping. When we left the store and got in the car, my host turned to me and asked me if I wanted to buy an otter. I sure she was mixing up her english but I never did figure out what she meant to say instead of otter!

* Did you bring a monkey?
Was visiting my friend in Bangkok and her mom was taking us to her house when she asked if I brought a monkey. I told her that no I did not which seemed to confuse her. Turns out she thought I was living in Lopburi (the monkey province) but I still didn't understand her question. Even if I did live there, I doubt I would travel with a monkey!

* Is Washington a new state?
After informing my school's headmaster that DC is not in Washington State he then asked if Washington was new. Apparently it's not a well know state in Thailand.

* 'You would make a great KKK member'
This was part of one of my favorite conversations this year! We were in english conversation class with the American teacher when he asked one of the students "Why do thai people not like black skin?" The student replied "black skin look dirty." The teacher then said "You would make a great KKK member" No one else got it but my teacher and I had a good laugh.

Hope you enjoyed this little look into some of the funny thing I experienced in Thailand!  I love all the people I met and the places I went and the things I got to try! This year was absolutely amazing and if I could go back I wouldn't change a thing!

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