Friday, June 19, 2015

Going home

Thoughts I had while on the airplanes home:
  • OMG! I'm actually going home!
  • Thailand is really pretty from the sky!
  • What if I never get to come back here (cry)
  • Should I sleep? I probably should, but nah.
  • Ooooh, movies!
  • I'm so tired of sitting!
  • Oh no! My plane is late! What if I don't make it to my connection? What if it leaves without me?!
  • Yes! I made it!
  • I wonder why the people sitting next to me where in South Korea?
  • This year was so amazing! Thank you Thailand for being my home for a year. 
  • How is there still 8 hours left? It feels like its been longer than that!
  • Would you stop turning on your dang light! People are trying to sleep!
  • Hmmm. This food isn't that bad.
  • Finally! Can I please get off this plane now!
Well, after 10 months and 11 days I have returned back home to America. I will miss Thailand and my friends but I'm glad to be back home with my family and in my house! 

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