Friday, June 19, 2015

Going home

Thoughts I had while on the airplanes home:
  • OMG! I'm actually going home!
  • Thailand is really pretty from the sky!
  • What if I never get to come back here (cry)
  • Should I sleep? I probably should, but nah.
  • Ooooh, movies!
  • I'm so tired of sitting!
  • Oh no! My plane is late! What if I don't make it to my connection? What if it leaves without me?!
  • Yes! I made it!
  • I wonder why the people sitting next to me where in South Korea?
  • This year was so amazing! Thank you Thailand for being my home for a year. 
  • How is there still 8 hours left? It feels like its been longer than that!
  • Would you stop turning on your dang light! People are trying to sleep!
  • Hmmm. This food isn't that bad.
  • Finally! Can I please get off this plane now!
Well, after 10 months and 11 days I have returned back home to America. I will miss Thailand and my friends but I'm glad to be back home with my family and in my house! 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Farewell my friends

These last few days was rather sad. It finally became real that the year is coming to an end. We had our farewell party last Thursday. It was the very last time that we all got to see each other and be together before we start leaving. It was filled with tears, hugs, and tones of pictures. We all had to write speeches and those are what really set off the water works. Everyone was saying how great this year was and how much we all love each other. It was the beginning of the end. :(
Then we had the first exchange student leave on Saturday fallowed by two more on Sunday. I went to the airport to send off each of them and had a really hard time not crying. I am going to miss them so much! This is the hardest part of the year by far! Realizing that I may never see these people again, these amazing people who have experienced so much with me. We've become a family here and now we're saying goodbye after such a short time together!
I can't believe that in just 8 days it will be me getting on a plane to go home! I am so excited to hug my parents and sleep in my bed and speak english but I can't help but be terribly sad to leave Thailand. I love the people here, both thai and rotary, and the food and the culture!
But as my friend Israel said "We need to take the next step in our lives. Plus, we can't come back until we leave."

Dressed up for good bye party at the Bangkok sky bar!